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Raffles Hotel Quay Preview

Raffles Hotel


Who goes here :

  • √ Suitable for : Solo
  • √ Suitable for : Couple
  • √ Suitable for : Family/Group
  • √ Suitable for : Seniors
  • √ Suitable for : Kids

What to expect :

  • √ Historical
  • √ Popularity with tourists
  • √ Safety : Very Good
  • √ Kids allowed

Essential Information

The somewhat pretentious modern architectures of Singapore fade in comparison to the snow-white Raffles Hotel, one of the country's oldest landmarks. There's something elegant about everything here-from the driveway to the Sikh doorman. You can almost hear the echoes of Conrad and Maugham and picture a younger Singapore, back when it was a swampy outpost of the British empire. The hotel was built in 1887 and was initially a 10-room bungalow. It was supposed to be demolished in 1987, but was instead restored to its former glory for $160 million. These days, more people come to visit it than sleep in it. The best time to go is in the afternoon or early in the evening, when tourists have left the grounds and proceeded to the hotel's bars and restaurants.

COSTS : Rooms start at SGD $ 850 / Pastries at the bakery start at SGD $8
ADDRESS : Raffles Hotel, 1 Beach Road, Colonial District and the Quays, Singapore, Singapore
PHONE NUMBER : +65 6337 1886

Pictures : Raffles Hotel

  • Raffles Hotel Quay Courtyard
  • Raffles Hotel Quay Facade
  • Raffles Hotel Quay North Bridge
Raffles Hotel Quay Courtyard


Courtyard of Raffles hotel


Tips, Comments and Reviews : Raffles Hotel

Avoid the crowded Long Bar and instead get your evening aperitifs at the Bar & Billiard Room. For dinner, head to the Tiffin Room and enjoy a stuff-yourself-silly Indian buffet.

Joan G.
There is a shopping arcade within the premises. It houses luxury boutique brands including Tiffany & Co. and Louis Vuitton, as well as several of the hotel's restaurants, a custom tailor shop, and CYC The Custom Shop (known for making shirts for Singapore's most powerful men). On the third floor is the Jubilee Hall and Raffles Hotel Museum.

Ingrid C.
The Singapore Sling was first concocted by bartender Ngiam Tong Boon at The Long Bar of Raffles Hotel. Consider ordering one when you get the chance to go there.

Rina L.


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