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Speaker\'s Corner Singapore Quay Preview

Speakers\' Corner


Who goes here :

  • √ Suitable for : Solo
  • √ Suitable for : Couple
  • √ Suitable for : Family/Group
  • √ Suitable for : Kids

What to expect :

  • √ Historical
  • √ Safety : Good
  • √ Kids allowed

Essential Information

Located in Hong Lim Park, Singapore Speaker's Corner was launched 1st of September in 2000. This free speech area is a popular place for holding speaking events. Events held at Speaker's Corner is held around the clock. Plus amplification devices such as loudhailers may be used at specific times. Speaker's Corner is a place for demonstrations, performances, exhibitions, or just a place for free speech on most topics.

ADDRESS : Speakers\' Corner, Hong Lim Park, Colonial District and the Quays, Singapore, Singapore

Pictures : Speakers\' Corner

  • Speaker´s Corner Singapore Quay Protest
  • Speaker´s Corner Singapore Quay Field
  • Speaker´s Corner Singapore Quay Terms and Conditions
Speaker´s Corner Singapore Quay Protest


A protest at Speaker´s Corner


Tips, Comments and Reviews : Speakers\' Corner

You need permission before using Speaker's Corner. Register by visiting this page ,  visit the National Parks website of the Singapore government to find out more or read about the terms and conditions here.

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How to Get There : Speakers\' Corner

COORDINATES : 1.286467,103.846962

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