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87 Ma Mai (Ma May) Old Quarter Preview

87 Ma Mai (Ma May)


Who goes here :

  • √ Suitable for : Solo
  • √ Suitable for : Couple

What to expect :

  • √ Historical
  • √ Popularity with tourists
  • √ Safety : Good

Essential Information

See beyond Hanoi's shopronts and explore this lovingly restored, traditional 'tube' house with an open courtyard. Like typical Hanoian houses in the Old Quarter, 87 Ma May was purposely built to be long and narrow in an attempt to cheat the ancient system of taxation that calculated property taxes based on the lot's width. The layout is typically Hanoian-the shop opens to the street, while the private living areas are to the rear and upstairs, where you can admire the exquisite woodwork.

COSTS : 5000 VND
ADDRESS : 87 Ma Mai (Ma May), 87 Pho Ma May , Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam
BUSINESS HOURS : 9am to 11am and 2pm to 5pm
PHONE NUMBER : 928 5604

Pictures : 87 Ma Mai (Ma May)

  • 87 Ma Mai (Ma May) Old Quarter 1st Floor
  • 87 Ma Mai (Ma May) Old Quarter Exhibit
  • 87 Ma Mai (Ma May) Old Quarter Middle Room
87 Ma Mai (Ma May) Old Quarter 1st Floor


Inside 87 Ma Mai


Tips, Comments and Reviews : 87 Ma Mai (Ma May)

If you are feeling adventurous, follow the signs to the coffee shops and internet cafes, many of which point into tunnels between the houses in the Ma May area. Exploring these meandering passages gives you a glimpse into everyday Old Quarter life.

Joan G.
The ancient house is on a popular street in the Old Quarter. You can get to 87 Ma Mai from Hoan Kiem Lake in 10 minutes on foot.

Rina L.


How to Get There : 87 Ma Mai (Ma May)

COORDINATES : 21.034341,105.853285

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