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Dong Xuan Market Hanoi Old Quarter Preview

Dong Xuan Market


Who goes here :

  • √ Suitable for : Solo
  • √ Suitable for : Couple
  • √ Suitable for : Family/Group

What to expect :

  • √ Popularity with tourists
  • √ Safety : Some risks
  • √ Kids allowed

Essential Information

This ramshackle 3-storey market is hard to miss. Its real charm is that it caters not to tourists, but Hanoian shoppers. While it's not the best place to look for souvenirs, it is a great cultural introduction to the colorful culture of the local commerce. The facade (while no longer beautiful) dates back to 1889. This sprawling Dong Xuan Market actually covers two city blocks. Some of the interesting stuff you can buy here include locally made handbags, berets, conical hats, and tasty snacks like dried sweet fruits, dried squid, and dried shrimp.

ADDRESS : Dong Xuan Market, Cau Dong, Old Quarter, Hanoi, Vietnam
BUSINESS HOURS : 6am to midnight

Pictures : Dong Xuan Market

  • Dong Xuan Market Hanoi Old Quarter Exterior
  • Dong Xuan Market Hanoi Old Quarter Interior
  • Dong Xuan Market Hanoi Old Quarter Signage
Dong Xuan Market Hanoi Old Quarter Exterior


Market exterior


Tips, Comments and Reviews : Dong Xuan Market

The upper floors are all about clothes. This is the cheapest place to get a jacket if you didn't prepare for the winter climate.

Joan G.
Avoid visiting Don Xuan Market in the early afternoon or lunchtime because most merchants are having lunch or enjoying their siesta time. You wouldn't want to interrupt them when they're doing eating or napping, or you risk losing a chance to get an item at a good price.

Rina L.


How to Get There : Dong Xuan Market

COORDINATES : 21.038157,105.850004

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