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How much is a massage in Siem Reap

How much does a massage in Siem Reap cost, including tips? I don't want to overpay. - Shania - Guest

How much massage Siem Reap
With dozens of spas and massage parlors dotting the city (especially around the Old Market area), massage treatments in Siem is criminally cheap. You can get a soothing half-hour foot massage for as little as $3 ($6 if you want an hour-long session with a heavenly arm and head massage). This is the typical rate in dirt cheap massage parlors, but if you want a more luxe experience, head on to higher-end places like Lemongrass Spa or Devatara, (both very close to the Old Market) where you can get full treatments at around $10 to $18.

Tipping is totally up to you, but do ignore guide and tour book statements saying that tipping is not customary in Cambodia. If you feel you've received more than excellent service, your masseuse/masseur will greatly appreciate your generous tip.

I got a massage at Lotus Dream and have to say that it was miraculous. My back pain disappeared almost immediately. I chose a 'deep tissue sport massage with four hands (meaning, two masseuses) which cost me $18 and lasted an hour. I tipped each masseuse $1.

My friend got a Swedish massage and paid $13. It's a bit more expensive than those sidewalk massages but totally worth every penny, in my opinion.  The facilities are quite nice and the massage rooms are clean and relaxing.

Lotus Dream is located on BBU Road, near the Old Market. 

Sebastian F.

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