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Is Siem Reap walkable

Or do we really need to hire a vehicle to take us around Angkor Wat? I've heard of people just walking or renting bikes to go from their hotels in Siem Reap proper to Angkor Wat. - Shania - Guest

Siem Reap walkable
Siem Reap is a compact and flat city, making it fairly walkable. Many attractions within the city center can easily be walked to, but Angkor Wat may be too far for walking so you might want take a cab or hire a tuk tuk to get there (if your hotel isn't close enough). The tuk tuk is the more authentic way to experience Angkor, but the dust and heat of the road can become too much, you'd wish for the shelter of an air conditioned car later. Renting a car with a driver will cost you somewhere around $25 a day.

Hiring an electric or a pedal bicycle is also a great way to experience Angkor Wat, if you want to feel closer to the landscape. Bike rental ranges from $2 to $4 per day and is a more convenient way to get around the place than walking, as most temples and sites are a good 15 minutes from each other. It would probably best to join a tour group if you don't want to miss the best sights.

It's safe to walk around Siem Reap, but the heat will get you sooner or later. Renting tuk-tuks (also called remorque moto) is cheap and is what most tourists do. You can rent it for a day for anywhere from $10 to $20. You can also simply hail them like you would a taxi cab, and pay $1 for short distances.

If youa re alone, you can also hire motorcycles with drivers. Just hop on the back of the bike and off you go. The fare for short distances is $0.50 cents or 2,000 KHR. Toursists are not allowed to drive motorbikes in Cambodia, so you have no choice but to hire a driver.  

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