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How much to ride a moto or remorque-moto tuk-tuk in Siem Reap?

Hello! I've seen pictures of tourists in Cambodia (particularly Siem Reap) riding either motorcycles or the remorque-moto (which as I understand is much like a tuk-tuk / a trailer that is hitched to a motorcycle). It looks like a lot of fun. What would a fair fare cost and how exactly do I rent one of those? Thanks! - Joshua M. (Guest)

remorque moto tuk tuk seim reap
You can rent motorcycle with a driver for $8 a day—a pretty good deal. You won’t have any trouble finding them, as the moto drivers of Siem Reap are quick to approach tourists and offer their services. They might be annoying initially, but most of them are truly friendly and knowledgeable about the area. For $8, you’re getting a driver and a free guide. For shorter distances, expect to pay 2,000 KHR (Cambodian riels) or about $0.50.  

The remorque-moto (also called a tuktuk) is widely used not just in Siem Reap but throughout rural Cambodia. These tuk-tuks transport goods and people, especially ferry farmers making their way back to the countryside. They also act a mini tourist buses for getting around Angkor.

For shorter distances, a remorque-moto ride costs $1. If you intend to rent a tuk-tuk for a day, expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $20. Of course, the more people you try to stuff into a remorque, the higher the price. The drivers make excellent companions for touring Siem Reap.

From the airport, you can hire a tuk-tuk for $5.

Hope this helps!

Ingrid forgot to mention that fares for both motos and tuk-tuks / remorque-motos double at night. The driver may also charge you more if you are heading for a hotel that's far from the city centre, or if your hotel is particularly swanky.

You didn't ask this but in case you were wondering, you can't drive a motorcycle by yourself in some parts of Cambodia, particularly Siem Reap. Tourists/foreigners are prohibited from driving motorbikes around the area, so you really have no choice but to hire a moto driver.

Sebastian F.

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