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Are there Mekong River tours from Vientiane?

When we arrive in Vientiane, can we hop on a ferry and see attractions on the banks of the Mekong, then go back to Vientiane? I guess I'm asking if there are daytrips by ferry along the river. We don't have much time to spend in Laos. - Ger - guest

mekong river tours vientiane
We don't know of any daytrips by ferry along Mekong that will take you back to Vientiane the same day, but there are numerous cruise packages on offer, traversing the Mekong Delta, as well as routes between Vientiane and Luang Prabang, which also pass through other exciting Lao destinations like Houexiai and Pakben.

Cruises often last 6 days—enough to explore delightful attractions and quiet little towns with fascinating histories along the river. Most of these trips are inclusive of adventurous trips to stunning forests and nature trails, as well as some villages where you can take a glimpse of the country's unique multicultural hill-tribe communities.

If you don't have this much time in Laos, a simple walking or sightseeing tour along the riverside might be enough to give you a taste of the natural beauty and the mystic air of the Mekong, which lines the city from its north eastern bank. However, there are no proper promenades from which to enjoy its captivating sights, but restaurants and markets line its banks.

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