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How much to rent bikes in Laos?

I hear that Vientiane in particular is friendly to cyclists, so I intend to rent a bicycle while there. How much should I expect to pay per day? I need a good bike, not necessarily new but not falling apart, either. - Tiffany - Guest

how much rent bikes laos
Bike rental is probably the best way to get around the small city. Most visitors to Vientiane prefer cycling around town, especially since distances between locations are not as wide. Many guest houses as well as hotels offer to arrange bike rentals at very affordable fees.

Prepare around 10,000 Lao kip (1.5 USD) per day if you wish to cycle around the city. The cheapest reported rental fee is at 8,000 LAK (less than 1 USD), although the bikes you might get might not be in the best condition.

Vientiane has a flat terrain, which makes it ideal for biking, but it can be difficult to navigate and identify one-way streets around the city. You might find local driving standards to be poor and unorganized, but cycling is fairly safe, especially since traffic is often slow.

When renting a bike, providers may ask to have your passport/driver's license or a certain amount as a deposit.

Below is a video we took of our cycling tour around Vientiane, Laos. It\'s a bit shaky (we mounted the mini camera on the bike\'s handle bar). But it should give you an idea of what to expect when you join a bike tour. We used Vientiane By Cycle, which is operated by a lovely husband-wife team.
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