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What's a nice souvenir I can buy in Laos?

And can I buy them in Vientiane? I don't mean t-shirts and mugs. I am looking for something more interesting. - Paulie - Guest

nice souvenir laos
Elaborate handicrafts, silks, and loom-work artfully weaved by hill-tribe folks are only some of the most interesting souvenirs you can take home from the colorful country. Like most Southeast Asian countries, Laos is known for world-class arts and crafts, jewelry, home furnishings, and textiles, worth a debut in couture runways.

While it is true that these products can be found almost anywhere else in SEA, Lao hill-tribe silks and crafts have a distinct quality that set them apart from other traditional crafts and products from Thailand and other neighboring countries.

Traditional Lao weavings, phaa sin (traditional wraparound skirt), bags, shawls, jewelry, and hill-tribe embroidery can be found in morning markets around Vientiane, all carefully crafted using techniques that have been honed and practiced in the country since the 14th century. You may pick up beautiful crafts, ornaments, and hill-tribe products in the main shopping streets of Setthathirat and Samsenthai, the Morning Market, as well as the charming Nam Phu Fountain area.

Try shawls, phaa sin, jewelry, and bags. They are sold around Vientiane and in the morning market. Traditional woven goods like quilts, wall hangings, and hill-tribe embroidery are great souvenirs, too.
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