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What's the best area in Vientiane?

Hello! Before we book our hotel I just wanted to know what your opinion is on the best area for tourists in Vientiane. We will be there for 2 nights befire moving on to other parts of Laos. Thanks! - Julie J. - Guest

best area vientiane
Vientiane is not a very large city, in fact you can easily walk from place to place without hassle. If you don't like marathons, transportation is cheap and readily available if you know how to negotiate.

To answer your main question, anywhere close to the riverside is a good place to stay, if you love waking up to sunrises over the Mekong. Inland, the central district of Chanthabuli with all its government offices, restaurants and hotels is an easy choice, especially areas along the main boulevard known as Thanon Lane Xang, which runs from the presidential palace to the famous Pha That Luang area.

Hotels in the city can go as cheap or as expensive as you can afford and most locations are within reach of nice restaurants and the best temples and religious monuments in town. If you are in for a short riverside break, Vientiane is a nice place to kick off your tour of Laos.

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