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What's the best Vientiane street food, and is it safe to eat?

I have tried eating street grub in Bangkok and loved it. Is the quality of food in Vientiane and other parts of Laos the same, or even better? Are they safe to eat? Can you recommend a hole-in-the-wall affair I can visit? - Chichi - Guest

streetfood vientiane
Whether it is skewered fish, meat-on-sticks, noodles, or authentic spring rolls you are craving for, the streets of Vientiane will never disappoint. Walk along the Mekong or explore the main avenues and you will find the best street grub, some worthy of their own spot in gourmet menus.

From rice cakes openly dried in the afternoon sun to crispy baguettes, and aromatic spring rolls stuffed with the freshest  greens like mint and lettuce, shredded banana buds, bean sprouts, egg and vermicelli rice noodles, served warm with smear of fried garlic or folded in light rice crepes and sprinkled with cooked pork and mushrooms, Lao street food is something to look forward to. Noodle soups and street barbecues are also worth a try.

These street grubs are totally safe to eat, with vendors neatly preparing your serving while you wait and watch. If a certain stall is too 'street' for your taste, move on to the next. You will surely find a perfectly safe and clean place to eat in the streets of Laos. Try noodle shops on Lane Xang and the mishmash of shops and shacks at the Ban Anou Night Market and other popular street markets that offer some of the cheapest (and most lip smacking) eats in town.

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