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How much is the metro train MRT fare in Manila?

I'm visiting this April and expect to use the metro a lot. How much does it cost and are there metro cards for frequent riders? - Phil (Guest)

metro train MRT fare Manila
Hi, Phil. As of 2013, a single-journey ticket starts at PHP 10 (about $2.50). The fare goes up from there, depending on your destination. You pay PHP 10 pesos for the first 3 stations, PHP 11 for 4 to 5 stations, PHP 12 for 6 to 8 stations, PHP 14 for 9 to 11 stations, and PHP15 for 12 stations (the entire line). If you plan on using the MRT a lot, we suggest you buy the multiple-use (stored-value) ticket for PHP100 pesos. This saves you time, as you don't have to queue for a ticket each time you want to take the train.

The MRT fare has since been increased. End-to-end trips from Baclaran to Roosevelt has jumped from P20 to P30 ($0.70 USD), and to get from Recto to Santolan you now pay P25 ($0.60 USD) instead of P15. End-to-end trips from North Avenue to Taft has increased from P15 to P28 ($0.65 USD). The Manila MRT is still one of the cheapest in the world, but while it\'s safe, it\'s too crowded. None of the other expats I know ever take the train these days. Ten years ago, it was decent and reliable. I remember taking the MRT from my office in Makati to see my architect in Quezon City. Now the MRT is a nightmare. They try to cram as many people in. It takes at least 5 minutes for the next train to come, which is a lot longer than the standard 1-minute interval in other Asian cities like Singapore or HK.

J. Duffy

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