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Are There Any Restaurants at Clark International Airport?

I am arriving with my kids at 6pm from Singapore. I was wondering if there are any good restaurants at Clark International Airport where we can eat before we board the bus to Manila, our final destination. I understand it’s quite a long bus ride and I am concerned that the kids might get hungry. Tried doing a Google search, and nothing came up. - Tim (Guest)

air asia cafe

Hi, Tim. The short answer is no—there are currently no real restaurants at Clark Airport. But there are some food kiosks in operation to address those hunger pangs.

Clark International airport is undergoing a massive reorganization. The arrival area is temporary, so don’t expect to enjoy a nice sit-down meal when you land. But don’t worry—the kids don’t have to starve. You can buy grub on the go at the Air Asia Café kiosk. It’s not much and the menu is certainly limited to small meals that the airline also serves in flight. Choices include:

•    Rice bowls (chicken, beef stew, fish, etc.)
•    Stuffed sweet buns
•    Cookies, brownies, mini cupcakes

Here’s a picture of the Air Asia Café menu and prices:


And here’s a picture of the kiosk.

You will find it at the temporary arrival area.

I would suggest eating your dinner on the plane, or at least eating some snacks to tide you through the 2-hour bus ride to Manila. Once you’re in Manila, you’ll have plenty of restaurant choices.

There’s a major renovation going on at Clark right now, so there’s not much in terms of dining and shopping. I didn’t notice any food stalls on arrival, but there are some choices in the departure area. I was able to get donuts and coffee while waiting for my flight. Note that they only accept Philippine Pesos. Credit cards aren’t accepted, either. Good thing I still had a couple of 50 pesos on me, or else I would have died of hunger.

This is a major problem with Philippine airports, I think. I don’t understand why the shops and restaurants don’t accept dollars or credit cards!  Do they really expect foreign tourists to still have hundreds of pesos on them by the time they get to the departure area?


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