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Can I rent a jeepney in Manila?

My friends and I want to rent a jeepney in Manila. I want to drive it around, if possible? I have an international driver's license.  - shootme - Guest

rent jeepney manila

It is possible to rent a jeepney to go around and see the sights in Manila or even small towns just outside the Metro. However, finding a jeep to drive is not as easy, since only a handful of independent providers offer jeepney rentals. Big name car rental companies don't usually have jeepneys on reserve—all they have are SUVs, vans, cars, coasters, and 4WDs. Your best bet would be independent local jeepney owners offering their vehicles for rent.

You may rent a 21-seater jeepney for Php 1,000 to Php 3,000 for a day or two of excursions, provincial trips, or airport service. Other providers offer air conditioned jeepneys for tourists who find Manila's warm weather too much to bear. Ask whether you can drive the vehicle yourself or pay a driver to take you around town or to and from your destination. Drivers may charge P500 or so per day. (the leading classified ads website in the Philippines) is a good source.


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If renting and driving your own jeepney is too much of a hassle, you have two other options:

1. Join an organized jeepney tour. The operator will pick you up in an air conditioned jeepney where you might ride with 20 other tourists. Of course, the experience is not at all authentic and the rates are pretty steep  -- the cheapest 5-hour tour costs P2,500 per person, or around $60. But this is a good option if you just ant to sit back and relax.

2. Ride a jeepney as a passenger. Have a look at this jeepney fare guide. You might get a little lost, but that's all part of the thrill. And don't worry -- if you do get lost, simply take a jeepney going back to where you came from.

Fuel costs are taken into account when you rent a jeep. Most jeepneys here run on diesel, so it should be cheaper.

If you do manage to rent a jeepney check its condition first. Avoid ratty jeepneys with fuel gauges that are not working, difficult pedals, and transmission that is difficult to adjust. Do check the brakes, too. The last thing you'd like to experience is the brakes failing you or you and some of your friends pushing it to give it a headstart when it suddenly stops in the middle of the road.

Otherwise, take a jeepney tour. JeepneyTours.Com has daily city tours. A three-hour one-way city transfer costs Php4,500 and that covers 25Km. A whole day tour is pretty steep at Php12,000 for 100km and 10 hours, but if you can afford it, then why not?

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