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How much is the jeepney fare in Manila?

I'm going to the Philippines and staying for 3 days in Manila. I want to experience riding a real public jeep. They are called jeepneys, as I understand. I want to ride the public jeepney, not a private/rented one. Not even the air conditioned type I saw on TV -- just the regular kind that local passengers ride. How much is the fare? I'm assuming it's way cheaper than a taxi?

- Shawn145 (Guest)

jeepney fare Manila
The minimum jeepney fare in Manila is PHP 8.00 (about $2), which covers the first four kilometers. The farther your destination, the more you need to pay. Add an additional PHP 1.25 for every kilometer. So if you are traveling 10 kilometers, your total fare is P15.50.  It's cheaper than a taxi, for sure.

A 'jeepney fare matrix' is typically posted inside the jeepney to guide passengers. Hope this helps! Enjoy your jeepney ride -- it's the best way to see the everyday life in Manila.

Hi! I stayed in the Philippines for a little over a month and really enjoyed it. It's unusual for foreigners to take jeepneys, even in Manila, because the system can be confusing. It takes a while to figure out which jeep to ride, but getting lost is half the fun :) Anyway, if you're not sure how much you owe the driver, simply tell him where you got on and where you want to get off, and he will tell you how much to pay.

Filipino jeepney drivers speak English and have amazing multi-tasking skills. They can count money, hand back your change, and even make small talk, all while driving.

Try to pay immediately to avoid inconvenience. Use small bills or pay the exact amount if you can.

Sebastian F.
Want to dazzle the locals with your Tagalog? Say "bayad" ('a' as in father) to indicate that you want to pay. If you happen to be sitting far from the driver, simply hand your money to another passenger who is sitting closer to him, who will then pass your money on. This is the norm. Of course, the same respect is expected of you. Be polite and help pass someone else's money to the driver when given a chance.

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