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American food brands in Manila – Where?

Hi. I know this might sound a little odd but I need to know if brands like Kelloggs, Pepsi, and the like are available in groceries in Manila or if I might have a problem getting them. I'm a picky eater and two-week stay in Manila will be made so much easier if these creature comforts were available. Do you know where I can buy them? If they're not sold there, I guess I have to bring my own? Thanks for your help. - Kevin – Guest

american food brands manila
We couldn't agree more. Traveling is a lot easier when you know you can grab onto your comfort food anytime you're feeling ill at ease or home-sick for the familiar. Lucky for travelers, (American travelers, for that matter) it is not hard to find homegrown American brands all across the metro. From duty free shops to convenience stores, and supermarkets, you can almost always find your beloved brands. And yes, this includes Pepsi products and your favorite Kellogg's breakfasts and pop tarts.

You may also try your luck online. There are many sellers that offer these products online for convenience, although it's often easier to just shop in stores. You don't have to bother bringing bulky boxes of your favorite breakfast cereals and snacks, as these products come readily available in most stores. They might be harder to find outside of the metro, but you can always pack some when heading out of Manila.

On a related note, Quiznos recently opened their first shop in the Philippines (late 2012) and you can find joints in popular shopping malls across Metro Manila.

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