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How much should I budget per day in Manila and other parts of the Philippines?

Hi again. This is a follow up to my question about how much food costs in Manila. I would like to know roughly how much I need daily if I'm visiting Manila and other Philippine cities as a tourist, including transport (public), hostels, and food. I intend to pay cash along the way, using my credit card only if necessary. So I need to know how much to bring. I will be staying in cheaper hostels and I don't mind eating local food, which I assume is cheaper. Thanks. - Milt - Guest

how much budget per day manila philippines
The thing about the Philippines is that it is the perfect backpacker destination, filled with cities and towns that offer some unique pulls. The best part?—travel is relatively cheap, especially if you are adventurous enough to use cheaper transport options (e.g., buses in between provinces and ferries versus air buses).

For a hassle-free holiday, 1,500 PHP (35 USD) per day should be enough to cover your accommodation, food, local transport, and some activities. If your budget allows, pull your daily limit up to 2,500 PHP, which will take you more places. While in town, take time to learn the public transport system. This will save you a good deal of travel money from constantly having to take a cab from point A to point B. Most local routes are not that hard to figure out. Local food is indeed cheaper and you will find cheap places to eat in every corner, especially near budget hostels.

These Will Help You Save Money:

Private rooms start at $40, and hostel beds start at $10.

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When I was in Manila, I spent about $80 a day (including accommodation). That budget allowed me to see most of the attractions. I took a lot of taxis and tried jeepneys and the MRT, too. I stayed in Malate close to the heritage trail. The farther I went from Manila, the smaller my daily budget had to be. Even the beaches down south don't have to be expensive. To save money, I stayed in resorts that weren't directly on the beach line; most of them offer free transfers by tricycle to the beach, anyway, or were within walking distance. This simple trick allowed me to save 50% (maybe more) on accommodation even in the most popular beach destinations like Palawan and Boracay.


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