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Safe hotels in Manila

I'm looking for safe hotels in the old Manila area (the historic part) -- far from the slums, near attractions and restaurants, where I would feel safe at night. Not in the red light district. We're a family of 4. My budget is $100 a night. Any suggestions? - Sheila (Guest)

safe hotels manila
Hotels in Manila are generally safe, just avoid overly crowded neighbourhoods and back-alleys. You $100 a night budget might be skimpy for a 4-person party. Double that and you might be able to snag a good deal in mid-range hotels in the city. Avoid Ermita and nearby neighborhoods if you don't want anything to do with the red light district. You may have to prepare a larger budget if you want to keep away from more crowded areas, but there are still very affordable options especially along Roxas Boulevard and nearby areas.

Some mid-range choices include 1775 Adriatico Suites and Atrium Hotel Manila,  both located a good distance from Ermita.

If you are willing to stretch your budget, you can always book higher-end hotels like Sofitel Plaza and Hyatt Hotel and Casino , where you will surely enjoy a safe and luxurious stay.


If your kids are below 12 years old, most hotels let them stay for free so you will only be charged for 2 adults. One of the best hotels to stay in Manila that is ideal for families is Hotel H20. You won't find any slum areas here as it is situated within the Manila Ocean Park compound. Rizal Park is less than 10 minutes away by foot and the old city of Manila is close by. You might encounter beggars in tourist areas in Manila. If you don't feel safe, you can simply stay at Hotel H20 as there are plenty to do inside the compound, such as view aquariums, swim at the pool or get the mermaid experience, watch the sunset at the bar, or dine at the restaurant.

If security is your top priority, it's better to choose a safe hotel that is farther from the historic part of Manila instead of one that is closer but is surrounded by slum areas. Visit the City of Dreams where you can find 3 different hotels. This integrated resort and casino is away from crowded areas of Manila yet is still within easy reach of attractions and shopping sites. The City of Dreams is also home to family-friendly entertainment.

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