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Red light district and girly go-go bars in Subic location?

We're spending a couple of nights in Angeles and then we'll head to Subic for a night for the beach. Is there an active red light district in Subic and where exactly? We already know about Fields Avenue's girly bars in Angeles. What we need is information on Subic nightlife since we'll be there for a night. Any information on good go-go bars will be appreciated. - Justin56 (Guest)

subic red light district
The concentration of go-go  / girly bars in Subic is on National Highway in Barrio Barretto where you'll find the beachfront resorts, too.  It's quite a lively street, though not as noisy as Fields Avenue. The nightlife in Subic is a bit more laid-back. The foreigners who frequent this place are mostly retired marines who were once stationed in Subic. Some of them are holidaying and some have moved to the city for good. Most of the girly bars in in Barrio Barretto don't open until 6pm. I would recommend:

Night Rider
Dynamite Jacks
Angel Witch

There are some decent drinking bars / pubs here without girls if you ever get tired of the go-go scene. You can tell right away that they're just drinking bars because there are no scantily-clad girls on the front door trying to get your attention.

Any tricycle driver will be glad to take you to the red light district from your hotel in Subic. If you haven't made accommodation arrangements yet, better book a beach-front hotel along National Highway so you can be within walking distance of the girly bars.

Sebastian F.

Subic Hotels Near the Red Light District:

Many of the properties here are on National Highway in Barrio Barretto, very close to the girly bars.

The nightlife in Subic has since been 'cleaned up' and is definitely not as active as it once was, but it's still a good place for a couple of beers and a good time. Girly bars line National Highway in Barrio Barretto. If you're staying anywhere near that highway or in a beachfront resort you will likely be within walking distance of these go-go bars.

The women here are a bit tamer than usual. They wear short cute uniforms. Nudity / nude shows have been outlawed,  but no one is stopping you from meeting girls and having a good time.  Some men come here for the sex trade but many others are just having clean fun -- meeting women, having drinks, good conversation. The girls speak English quite well.

Just go to the National Highway and choose a bar that you like. The women on the front door will try their best to get your attention. Aside from those already mentioned, here are the names of other good gogo bars in Subic. They're all on National Highway:

Wet Spot
The Office
Rum Jungle
Night Rider
Down Under Bar
Bar Barretto
Escape Bar


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