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Any bad experiences in Malaysia?

My company is sending me and my wife to Malaysia for two months, putting us up in a flat in KLCC. She will be exploring on her own while I'm at work, of course. I know that Kuala Lumpur is a world-class city, but I'm sure it has its share of scammers, like any other. This will be our first time in that part of the world and I'm not sure how things work. If you have had any bad experiences in Malaysia particularly in Kuala Lumpur, share them here so we can be forewarned. Thank you. - Jacob - Guest

malaysia bad experiences
You'd be happy to know that KL is a very safe place for tourists, whether you are staying over a weekend or even as long as 2 months. Kuala Lumpur is a big city and traveling around via the public transport system is very safe. The only thing I would warn you about are the taxi thugs. Yup, they exist in Kuala Lumpur, just like they swarm the streets of any part of the world. If you wish to take a cab, ALWAYS buy coupons from taxi counters so as to avoid getting ripped off. It is not hard to get the hang out of daily living in KL, and your wife will sure enjoy all the sights, from the mandatory Petronas Towers to the surrounding parks. There's a lot of culture to discover as well. KL comes alive at night, which is good news if you love the nightlife. The streets remain safe even in the wee hours of the morning.

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Malaysia, particularly in Kuala Lumpur, but I did have a bad experience visiting the Batu Caves. This attraction is about an hour from KL central and is quite a popular tourist attraction because it is easy to access. Our excursion started well enough; we were able to go up the steps, take pictures, witness a prayer ceremony, etc. However, after a short drizzle, the place started to flood. The water was about 4 inches high--not a very bad experience for the adventurous, really, but certainly enough to put off pickier tourists.

Sebastian F.
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