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How hot is it in Southeast Asia?

Hello! We will be combining the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia next year, mid-March. How hot is it going to be? The weather websites say different things, so I just want to hear from a local. - Shelly V. - Guest

how hot southeast asia
At mid-march, the weather is usually just starting to get warm, if you intend to commence your trip in the Philippines. Weather-wise, it is best to visit most Southeast Asian countries (including Singapore and Malaysia) from November through February, when it is drier and cooler. In general, Southeast Asia is characterized by hot and humid weather, as the region lies within the Tropics, very close to the equator. Average temperatures in the region play around 80°F year-round, and monsoon rains generally fall from June through October in majority of the countries. Avoid these months if you want to enjoy diving, hiking, surfing, and playing in the sun.

The countries you mentioned experience good weather most days of the year, but the best time to visit really depends upon avoiding the crowds and traveling around the hottest months.

It depends on where and when you want to go. Most of Southeast Asia will tend to be dry and hot from early April until late May. Monsoon season generally starts in May and ends in October. That's when it can get extremely humid, even when it's raining.

If it rains during the summer from May to June, it can still be hot and humid, so wear light clothing or a light raincoat. Don't bother bringing a heavy parka anymore because you wouldn't want to feel like you are wearing a sauna suit in the tropics. For shoes, wear something waterproof or can keep your feet dry, or footwear that can easily let water out, such as sandals and flip-flops.

I recommend bringing sunglasses and wearing sunblock. You can also wear a hat. Keep yourself hydrated as well. Just be sure to buy bottled water and never drink from the tap.

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