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Any bad experiences in Asia in general?

Hello! My husband and I are finally going on a Southeast Asian trip after years of dreaming about it. We are from Sweden. We would love to hear from travellers who have visited Southeast Asia. What are the common scams, and what are your tips for avoiding them? - Ingrid - Guest

bad experiences in asia
Asia is a beautiful continent, probably one of the most interesting places to visit in its entirety around the world. It pays knowing common tourist traps and scams that might make your trip just a little less than perfect.

If there's one notorious scam that's common in most Asian countries, it would definitely involve public transit. Beware of rip-offs when renting motorbikes and riding cabs, tuk-tuks and other forms of public transportation. Rampant in Southeast Asia are cab and tuk tuk drivers that will take you on a tour around the city only to stretch your bill or take you to a different hotel/restaurant/store where they can get a commission.

To avoid these kinds of rip-offs, only ride official cabs and if possible, know your way around the cities or at least be familiar with the common routes, so you won't be clueless when your driver is taking all the same turns just to make you pay more.

Petty theft and pick pocketing are also common problems, so always be aware of your surroundings.

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