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How big is Cebu Pacific's legroom?

Hello! I have booked five Cebu Pacific flights for my big Asia hopping adventure and was just wondering what the legroom situation is. I am 6'2" and have had some problems with other budget airlines before. Will I have any problems with CEB? I can't seem to find information on their standard legroom / seat pitch online. Thanks! - Derby (Guest)

Cebu Pacific Legroom
Cebu Pacific A330 planes/airbuses basically have 3 types of seating, namely Standard, Standard Plus, and Premium Seats. Here's what you can expect in terms of legroom:

  • Standard seats have a 30-inch seat pitch, 2 inches shy of a Standard Plus seat, which provides a 32-inch seat pitch legroom. Standard Plus seats can be found at the cabin's rear section.
  • Premium Seats have the biggest legroom, especially row seats, which allow passengers to have their legs on full extension quite comfortably. Premium seats in A330 planes are mostly bulkhead or exit row seats, while smaller planes have premium seats at the exit row.
  • NOTE: A319, ATR, and A320 standard seats are smaller by 1 to 2 inches compared to standard seats in A330 planes. (Seats provide 28 to 28-inch seat pitch)

Reserving and purchasing a preferred seat is possible through Cebu Pacific, as long as you make the arrangement at least 4 hours before your ETD. You can make this reservation through the airline's online seat selector or through their call center and sales offices.

Standard seats may cost you anywhere between 130 and 250 PHP (about 3 to 5 USD), while Standard Plus seats (available in A330 flights) cost 500 PHP (11 USD to reserve. Premium seats cost anywhere between 230 and 1500 PHP (about 5 to 35 USD).

You can find more details about Cebu Pac's seat booking options at their Seat Selector Page. Here, you will find conditions and criteria for passengers who want to take the exit row seat option, as well as some rules on upgrading or canceling seat selection. The page also describes rerouting and rebooking scenarios, as well as refund and replacement options should flights be cancelled.

You never have to deal with leg cramps and endure uncomfortable flights with these seat options! Hope you enjoy your Asia hopping adventure!

Alternatives to Cebu Pacific (Bigger Legroom):

Compare 17 airlines flying from to and from Southeast Asia. This tool is great!

Regular airlines with bigger legrooms sometimes offer 'budget' seats to key Asian cities. Try this tool. We love the 24-hour customer assistance.

Hi, Derby! Glaiza is right. You can buy preferred seats with more legroom from Cebu Pacific. For flights around Asia, the few extra inches are very cheap--just a little over $5. To buy more legroom ahead of time, go to the Cebu Pacific website's online seat selector. If you get to the airport early, you can also buy premium seats from the Cebu Pacific check-in counter.

Many budget airlines also sell extra legroom for a few dollars. Tiger Air, Air Asia -- they all do it. Read our guide to making budget flights more comfortable for more tips.

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