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How much is the taxi fare in Hanoi?

I read about Hanoi taxi scams where one lady was asked to pay $70 for a 5-minute trip. How much do taxis in Hanoi cost, really? Any tips on how I can spot scammer cabbies and avoid them? - Sean G. - Guest

how much taxi fare hanoi
Taxi scams are rampant in Hanoi, but you won't fall victim to scheming cabbies if you are just smart with your choices. Taxis are still the best way to traverse long distances in Hanoi (and other parts of Vietnam where they are available), but you may want to try pedicabs or cyclos to save some money on shorter trips. Taxi fares haven't been standardized in the city, which is why rates vary from one company to another.

Some taxi owners will negotiate a flat fee rather than use their meter. This is customary and probably better than putting yourself at the mercy of  'faulty' taxi meters (ones that suddenly *and suspiciously* break down in the middle of the ride or those that read ridiculously high amounts for a mere 10 minute ride), and then paying more than you actually owe. If you have a good idea of how much you are willing to pay and how far the ride would go, it is better to negotiate your price before you get in the cab. If the driver refuses to take your deal, turn him down politely and walk away. He will more than likely change his mind and agree with your price in the end.

Beware also of taxis that would take you round and round the city to extend your ride and make more money. While this is quite hard to spot, especially when you are not familiar with the city, just be aware of your surroundings and never let your guard down. If you sense that you've been passing by all the same streets for quite a while, demand that the driver stop the cab and leave without paying.

To give you an inkling of how much  your fare would cost, check out these estimations:

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