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Lao is the language of Laos, and if you notice, it is closely related to Thai. Like Vietnamese and Chinese languages, the meaning of words in Lao depend on how you pronounce them. For instance, when asking questions, you need to keep your tone flat (unlike in the English language, where you raise the tone). There are generally six intonations ranging from low to mid, high, rising, low falling, and high falling. Being familiar with the Thai language may help you determine how to pronounce words in Lao. Here are some of the basic greetings and conversational phrases that you can use to communicate with people in Laos:

  • Hello - ສະບາຍດີ (Sa-bai-Dee.)
  • How are you? - ສະບາຍດີບໍ່ (Sa-bai-Dee Baw?)
  • My name is _____. - ຂ້ອຍຊື່ (Khwy Suu _____.)
  • Thank you - ຂອບໃຈ (Khawp Jai)
  • Yes - ແມ່ນແລ້ວ (Maen Leeo)
  • No - ບໍ່ (Baw)
  • Goodbye and take care - ໂຊກດີແດ້ (Shk Dee Deuh)
  • I'm sorry/Excuse me - ຂໍໂທດ (Khǎw Thht)



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