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Savvy Ways to Get Discounts at Amanpulo


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A surreal private island called Amanpulo in the Philippines is now one of the most exclusive and luxurious beach resorts in the world, with astronomical rates to match. But did you know that it is possible to get discounts and reduced room rates if you know how poke around? There are three ways.

1. Book from June to October and save thousands.

These four months make up the so-called low season for Amanpulo and many other beach resorts in the Philippines. By timing your Amanpulo stay during this period, not only will you enjoy more privacy-you can also score some fantastic discounts. Additionally, the typical minimum stay requirement from June to October is only two to three nights-much shorter (and therefore cheaper) than the five- to seven-night minimum required during the high season.  

Exactly how much will you save by timing your vacation and cutting your stay short? Let's compare the prices (in USD):  

Treetop Casita

High season: $1,200
Low season: $950         
Savings for 3 nights: $750

Hillside Casita     
High season: $1,350
Low season: $1,100
Savings for 3 nights: $750

Beach Casita
High season: $1,550
Low season: $1,300
Savings for 3 nights: $750

Deluxe Hillside Casita
High season: $1,700
Low season: $1,450
Savings for 3 nights: $750

1-Bedroom Villa
High season: $2,400
Low season: $1,600
Savings for 3 nights: $2,400

2-Bedroom Villa
High season: $3,750
Low season: $2,800
Savings for 3 nights: $2,850

(Source: Amanuplo - 2014 to 2015 Rates)

2. Book through a local.

Philippine residents enjoy lower per-night rates in Amanpulo. And they should-it is their country, after all.

The problem is, how can you-as a foreigner-enjoy the same perk? It's time to phone your Filipino friend and ask for help. You may be able to get discounts to Amanpulo if a local resident books the room for you. The caveat: The resort requires proof of residency to guarantee the reservations, and an original copy of this proof needs to be presented upon check-in. You actually need to bring your Filipino friend with you to take advantage of this deal.

3. Ditch Amanuplo altogether-and get the same views for much less.

Are the discounted Amanpulo rates still way too expensive for your budget? Don't give up on that dream. You can swim in the same aquamarine waters and sunbathe on the same white sand for much less-and all you have to do is stay in another resort.

There are plenty of Philippine hotels and beach resorts in the same geographical vicinity as Amanpulo island. They are cheaper and a little less luxurious (read: no personal butler here), but still provide the same canapes-and-champagne welcome. Do you want to enjoy private fishing trips, spa treatments, and sunset cruises? All those can be arranged on request for a relatively small fee. Check out our recommendations below:

The Amanpulo Experience for Less »

Set in a tranquil cove, El Nido Miniloc is a luxurious ‘coastal village’ style resort offering tours and water activities. Rates start at Starts at just $370.

Just as luxurious as Amanpulo, except a little more crowded. Regular rooms start at$300.

Is 'below-$100' more your speed? These lovely budget hotels give you access to the same white sands, warm waters, and blue skies at less than $100 a night.

Cheaper alternative to Amanpulo: El Nido - Miniloc

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Cheaper alternative to Amanpulo: Shangri-La Boracay

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