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Google Street View Launches in the Philippines


Have you heard about the launch of Google Street View in the Philippines? Yup—the tech giant is finally turning its gaze on the Philippine islands, one of Southeast Asia's most underrated tourist destinations. From historic colonial streets to amazing underwater life, Google promises to let the world see what the real Philippines is all about—stunning, historic, and certainly worth a visit. Watch the video to see how Philippine Google Street View project is progressing.

Google has long introduced Street View in more progressive Asian territories like Macau, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, and some tourist attractions in mainland China. In the Philippines, the company first tried the technology on Apo Island in Dauin (Negros Oriental), where cameras started rolling in September 2012. But it wasn't until this week that Google announced its intention to take street view images of the Philippines—from Metro Manila to all its key provincial attractions—more aggressively.

google street view philippines 2

google street view philippines

So how does Street View work? People from Google actually drive around and take pictures of the locations they intend to show in Street View, paying close attention to the weather, the area’s population density, and other factors to determine where and when to collect the best imagery.

To align the images to their geographic locations on the map, Google combines signals from the sensors installed on their cars, which are designed to measure GPS, direction, and speed. Google is then able to reconstruct the vehicle’s exact route and amazingly, tilt and realign the pictures as needed. To turn the photos into 360-degree panoramas and prevent gaps, adjacent cameras are used to take faintly overlapping images. Then, Google stitches the photos together to form a single 360-degree image. Image processing algorithms are applied to lessen seams and allow smooth transitions. The car's three lasers reflect off surfaces, helping Google determine how far an object or building is and enabling the construction of 3D models.

google street view philippines 1

How long will it take Google to ‘finish’ its Street View project in the Philippines? That’s hard to say; they’re not even done with Street View USA. But we’re certainly hoping this project helps drum up tourism by showing potential tourists how interesting (and drop dead gorgeous) the real Philippines really is.

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