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My Boracay Jungle Pool Party Experience


It was my fourth time to visit Boracay and I’ve tried the day activities, like island hopping, banana boating, parasailing, and riding the flying fish. I’ve also experienced the exciting nightlife, visiting the beachfront bars and clubs. So, I was looking for something new to do in Boracay.

My friend, who is a frequent visitor of Boracay, told me about this new and fun Jungle Pool party that is held on the main land. I was handed a flyer for Manic Monkey: Wet & Wild Jungle Pool Party. It looked promising; the flyer said the party included music and DJs, unlimited cocktail drinks, a sunset cruise, and drummers and fire dancers. My friend and I decided to go this experience this new party. Tickets back then cost around 1,800php (it now costs upwards of 2,000php).

Hanging Bridge Boracay Jungle Party Manic Monkey

It was Saturday morning and the meeting place was at OJ Bar in Station one. It was a bit hard for me and my friend to get up at 10:00 am since we partied the night before, being Friday and all. But we dragged ourselves to Station one. Once we were there, we were asked to sign waivers as we waited for the boat to arrive. On the boat, the Manic Monkey Wet & Wild Jungle Pool Party crew were asking us if we wanted any drinks. There were other people who have come to join the party. It was a bit early, and we were a bit awkward being strangers and all.

Once on the main land, we rode a large jeepney. I didn’t notice if the trip up to the resort was long or quick as  drinks were being offered, there was a guy playing a hand drum, and people are starting to warm up to each other.

Jeepney Ride to the Manic Monkey Boracay Jungle Pool Party

Once on the main land, we rode a large jeepney. I didn’t notice if the trip up to the resort was long or quick as  drinks were being offered, there was a guy playing a hand drum, and people are starting to warm up to each other.

We arrived at the resort, which can be reached through a short hanging bridge. There was a large swimming pool in the middle, a few huts, a bar, a DJ booth, and lounging areas. Music was already blaring and we were told food was already available. The generous buffet served food like grilled pork and Filipino dishes. After the guests had their fill, my friend and I went to the bar and chose from their menu of cocktail drinks.

Huge Pool a the Jungle Party Manic Monkey in Boracay

Boracay Manic Monkey Jungle Pool Party DJ and Bar Food

The Manic Monkey crew people were very entertaining; they were dancing, offering shots, and generally just having fun. The DJ was doing an awesome playlist of party music and house. I don’t know how it happened—one minute, the other guests and I were just strangers doing small talk while eating and the next thing we knew, we were dancing, jumping into the swimming pool together, laughing, and having fun. 

After a while, there was a beautiful performance of locals playing the flute and drums. It was obviously very different from the party music playing a few minutes ago but eventually everyone started dancing again. Everyone was pretty much drunk but not messed up, just drunk and happy.

Manic Monkey Boracay Party Experience

Manic Monkey Boracay Party Experience 1

Around 4 o’clock, we had to leave so we can watch the sun set while on our way to Boracay from the mainland. This time, the jeepney was full of conversation and laughter—a stark contrast to our descent up to the resort, which was mostly quiet. I sat inside the jeepney but others went ahead and rode on the roof.

We made our way back to Boracay on our promised sunset cruise. Again, a few others rode on the roof of the boat. My friend and I settled on the side of the boat where we can watch the sun set and feel the water on our toes.

Manic Monkey Boracay Party Experience 2

Manic Monkey Boracay Party Experience

It was definitely a new experience in Boracay. Very fun and exciting. I went to that party not knowing or expecting anything. When I headed back to Boracay, I was definitely tired but relaxed at the same time. Though I don’t remember the other people I have partied with at the Jungle Party, we all had a good time and felt like we were good friends during that experience. 

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