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Asia's Best Airports – Top 5

If you are traveling to or around Asia, you’ll be happy to know that world-class airports now await you—and that they can keep you entertained during long layovers. The World Airport Awards has surveyed travelers from more than 160 countries to determine airport passenger satisfaction ratings and airport rankings. Based on their 2013 survey, the following are the ‘Top 5 Best Airports in Asia, See if your next airport destination made it to the list:

5. Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur International Airport – KLIA is Malaysia's primary international airport. Often described as one of the most ‘architecturally impressive’ in the world, KLIA continues to reap recognitions in the airport industry, maintaining its positions in well recognized polls like Smart Travel Asia Poll and other top airport awards like SKYTRAX World, where it was voted as the airport with the World's Best Immigration Service.

4. China's Beijing Capital International Airport – Beijing International Airport is the main international airport serving the Chinese capital. It is found 25 kilometers from the Tiananmen Square, serving more than 30 million passengers each year. This ultra modern airport features its own recreation and entertainment centers, among many other award-winning facilities.

3. Hong Kong International Airport – One of the busiest, Hong Kong International Airport is also the main airport for Hong Kong located on the Chek Lap Kok Island. It serves as the main passenger hub and gateway for many destinations in Mainland China. The 4th busiest in the world, HKG also has one of the largest passenger terminal buildings internationally, operating 24 hours a day and facilitating flights to and from more than 150 cities worldwide.

2. Singapore's Changi Airport – Changi is the main aviation hub in Singapore and one of the main transport hubs in Southeast Asia, serving more than 100 different airlines traveling to and from 250 cities and more than 60 countries and territories across the globe. It has won more than 430 awards from well recognized airport award-giving bodies since 1981.

1. South Korea's Incheon International Airport – Incheon Airport South Korea's largest airport and the primary facility serving Seoul. It was rated the best airport for 7 years in a row by the Airports Council International. Incheon boasts a wide variety of world class facilities including a golf course, a spa, an ice skating rink, private sleeping rooms, a casino, indoor gardens, and the Museum of Korean Culture. If you have to get stuck in an Asian airport, this would be the best choice.

We also have a listing of the worst airports in Asia . We hope you never have to spend a night in any one of them.

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