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Asia's Worst Airports - Top 5


We've listed down the top 5 best airports in Asia based on the survey conducted by World Airport Awards, and now we're showing you the other end of the spectrum. These airports (terminals) received the most number of negative votes in the 2012 Best & Worst Airports survey by

1. Manila's NAIA (Terminal 1) - The older sister of the much-better NAIA Terminals 2 and 3, NAIA 1 needs a facelift, and quickly. The long queues, overcrowding, insufficient seating, low quality restaurants, and poor transit facilities make Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport T1 the worst airport in Asia according to the SleepingInAirports survey. After being 'honored' as Worst Airport in the World last year, authorities were quick to initiate a rehabilitation project, which began in January 2012. However, improvements weren't made fast enough to put the airport out of its number 1 position as Asia's worst. Travelers still complain of the unbelievably long lines they have to endure in order to check in or proceed to the proper boarding gates. They continue on saying that NAIA's T1 is no place for sleeping nor resting due to lack of facilities and overcrowding.

Luckily, once you get on with your connecting flight and finally see the Philippines' beautiful beaches, the pain of this temporary suffering will all go away. (Also, the two other terminals in Manila are not as bad).

2. Mumbai India's Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport - India's Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport is the main airport serving the country's most populous city, Mumbai. It has two passenger terminals-one of each for domestic and international flights. While the airport is relatively new and equipped with modern facilities, travelers who took the survey complain about insufficient seats and dirty bathrooms.


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3. Islamabad Pakistan's Benazir Bhutto International Airport - The third largest in Pakistan, Islamabad International Airport serves the capital city of Islamabad as well as its twin city Rawalpindi in Punjab. Major complaints from travelers include long waits outside the terminal when arriving for early flights, dirty toilets, and rampant bribery.

4. Changi Airport's Budget Terminal - Singapore's Changi Airport was the second (after KLIA) in Asia to open a terminal dedicated to budget travelers. The airport's attempt to lower costs for airline services didn't sit well with travelers who weren't impressed with having to wait for their flights in an empty warehouse that can often get too crowded and noisy. The good news is that Changi Airport announced its closure to make way for a new modern (and hopefully better) Terminal.

5. Kolkata India's Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport - Located in West Bengal, Kolkata Airport takes the spot of the 5th worst airport in Asia according SleepingInAirport's Best & Worst Airports survey. The reasons? Poor food options, dirty toilets and noise from TVs blaring a medley of programs in the departure lounge.

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