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Beyond Asia: From the Philippines to Morocco


EDITOR'S NOTE: This is Part 1 of a series on traveling from southeast Asia to Morocco. To see the author's DIY Morocco itinerary, go to Part 2.

Two months ago, my husband and I spent three weeks in Morocco, flying from Manila and briefly stopping over at Hong Kong to complete a monthlong honeymoon. It was a challenging trip not only because it was our first time in Africa, but also because we set a strict budget of a little less than $6,000 (PhP 250,000)—including airfare, hotels, food, and some shopping. To my surprise, we ended up spending even less than that. This is the story of how we did it.

How to Get the Cheapest Flights from Manila (or anywhere in Asia) to Morocco

Flights from Manila to anywhere outside Asia tend to be expensive. Getting into Africa is even pricier. I learned this the hard way, spending almost all my weekends online and failing to find a roundtrip ticket for less than $1,600 (PhP 70,000) per person from any airline. And then I tried another point of departure. That was when I found out that:

The cheapest way to go to Morocco from the Philippines is to fly from Manila to Hong Kong, and then from Hong Kong to Casablanca (Morocco) via Qatar Airways.

Just how much cheaper is it to fly from Hong Kong to Morocco? Here’s a comparison of Qatar Airways – Roundtrip Economy Class prices:

From Manila to Casablanca: $1,591
From Hong Kong to Casablanca: $857 (See this deal here—just change your dates)

To get to Hong Kong on the cheap, I booked a Cebu Pacific promo flight from Clark International Airport to HKIA. The cost? Only $68 (PhP 3,000) with taxes. There are now fast shuttle transfers from Manila to Clark International to make flying from Pampanga convenient. 


Cheapest flights to Morocco from Qatar Airways

From Manila, fly to Kong Kong via a budget carrier, then catch a Qatar Airways flight to Casablanca.

Guide to Morocco from the Philippines

So all in all, my husband and I each spent $857 + $68 = $925 USD each to reach Morocco from the Philippines.

I chose the Casablanca route because it’s much more expensive to fly directly into Marrakech. From Casablanca, it’s easy to take an ONCF train to Marrakech or any other major Moroccan city. For details on how to take the train around Morocco, check out the next part of this series:

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