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A week in Japan - Our 7-day Itinerary


We went to Japan last November and stayed for a week. Our 7-day itinerary was jampacked with loads of activities across 3 cities (Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo) and 2 mountains (Minoo and Takao). The video 6-minute video above sums up the trip.

In true minimalist travel style, we only brought 1 carry-on backpack each. This have us a lot of mobility and made active travel much easier.  

OUR MID-RANGE HOTELS: We stayed in small but comfortable hotels by a chain called Hotel MyStays. Prices were in the neighbourhood of $100/night, depending on whether it was a weekday or a weekend.

Hotel MyStays »

Hotel MyStays in Shinsaibashi

Hotel MyStays in Asakusabashi

If you love food and are interested in light hiking or active travel, you might enjoy the same things we did. Here’s how the week went down:

Day 1
Minoo Park hiking (we took the train from Osaka city center)
Osaka Aquarium

Day 2
Daytrip to Kyoto

Day 3
Exploring Osaka – Namba and Dotonbori

TRAVELING FROM OSAKA TO TOKYO: We then took the overnight bus from Osaka to Tokyo. It left at 8pm and arrived in Akihabara (Tokyo) at 5am the next day. It cost half the Shinkansen (bullet train) and also meant that we did not have to pay for a hotel that night. The ride was comfortable and the bus had a toilet.

Day 4
Meiji Park
Yoyogi Park
Asakusabashi (our hotel’s neighbourhood)

Day 5
Tsukiji Market
Jindaiji Temple for the ‘best soba in the world’ (this is in a suburb of Tokyo, accessible by bus)
Ghibli Musuem in Chofu

Day 6

Day 7
Climbing Mount Takao

Feel free to leave comments below if you have any questions about this 7-day Japan itinerary. We’re always happy to make recommendations and provide tips.

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